How To Choose a Lie-Detection Professional

The outcome of a lie-detection examination could have life-altering effects.
To help choose a qualified examiner,
ask them these 21 questions:
(and don't take NO for an answer!)

#1: "Do you use only computerized polygraph equipment?"      YES ___ NO ___

#2: "Do you have a professional CV?"      YES ___ NO ___

#3: "Have you testified in court as a polygraph expert?"      YES ___ NO ___

#4: "Do you test the examinee three complete times?"      YES ___ NO ___

#5: "Can I help prepare the questions for the testing?"      YES ___ NO ___

#6: "Do you have a professional website?"      YES ___ NO ___

#7: "Do you include a written report of the results?"      YES ___ NO ___

#8: "Can you accommodate my schedule?"      YES ___ NO ___

#9: "Can you explain the cost differences I have seen?"      YES ___ NO ___

#10: "Can you explain the examination process?"      YES ___ NO ___

#11: "Do you only do lie-detection work?"      YES ___ NO ___

#12: "Are you a member of Polygraph Examiners Of America (www.peoa.US)?"     YES ___ NO ___

#13: "Can I watch the entire examination of my spouse?"      YES ___ NO ___

#14: "Do you have a professional office I can come to for privacy?"      YES ___ NO ___

#15: "Do you have at least 30 years of polygraph experience?"      YES ___ NO ___

#16: "Do you have a polygraph business license?"      YES ___ NO ___

#17: "Have you completed at least 10000 polygraph examinations?"      YES ___ NO ___

#18: "For testing, do you use law-enforcement-grade software & training
that cost $6000 and 10 weeks of academy training?"      YES ___ NO ___

#19: "Did you lower your price from $395 to $145 to help the public?"      YES ___ NO ___

#20: "Do you have your OWN professional office,
not one you rent by-the-hour when u get a test to do?"      YES ___ NO ___

#21: "Have you been hired to represent the polygraph profession
in nearly 1000 TV and other media appearances?"      YES ___ NO ___

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If the examiner can not answer YES to all 21 questions above,
it is time to immediately look for a more experienced professional!

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