Manteca Polygraph

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polygraph test
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polygraph test in Manteca

A Manteca
lie-detector test
allows up to
4 questions
of importance.
Usually the
questions are
about a
single issue,
such as:
"Do you know who
took that money?"
"Did you take
that money?"
"Do you know where
that money is now?"

Infidelity polygraph
test in Manteca
California are the
most common.

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Manteca lie detector test on weekend

A computerized
polygraph test
in Manteca is
most often for:
1) Relationship
2) Theft
3) Abuse

Manteca lie detector test

Tracy CA
lie detector test

lie detector test in Manteca

If you call
818 883-6969,
you can ask for
the real facts
about how a
polygraph works

Mountain House CA
lie detector test

Manteca polygraph testing

Up to four
Yes or No
questions can be
written by
the test client
for a Manteca
lie detector test.
For most accuracy,
they should be:
1- Yes or No
2- Three to 19
words each.
3- Don't use any
'ands', 'ors',
or commas,
as this can
turn it into
a 'compound'

Manteca California
lie-detector exams
are available
by appointment
almost every day

For more advanced
polygraph details,
from a different city with different
rates, but with
valuable data,
visit HERE

lie detector test

cost of a polygraph examination in Manteca

Discovery Bay
lie detector test

Manteca California lie detection

818 883-6969,
you can ask for
the real facts
about how a
truly works

Polygraph in
Manteca California