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polygraph test
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Norco lie detector

A Norco polygraph
exam is confidential

The accuracy rate of a
lie-detector in Norco
is very high

We quote reasonable rates

for a Norco lie detector test,
including under $149 if you can
go to the Los Angeles office

Norco polygraph examination

Lie-detector tests
in Norco are often
the key to
settling a dispute

Norco polygraph appointment

lie detector test

Norco California polygraph

lie detector test

Beware! Some examiners
in your area have less than 7 years of part-time polygraph experience, so they try to hide their lack of polygraph experience by distracting you with stories about their XX years of doing something else. Their past work has nothing to do with polygraph. ONLY polygraph EXPERIENCE matters.

WE have more than 37 years
of polygraph experience.

Check out this
discount choice:
a lie detector test in Norco
Same test as if
you'd paid $400

By calling
818 883-6969,
a client can learn about a computerized polygraph exam in Norco and in
other locations

lie detection Norco

Norco polygraph
One to four Yes/No
questions can be
written by the client
for their own Norco
lie detector test

polygraph testing in Norco California

Norco California
lie-detector tests
are available
when YOU
need them
SINCE 1988

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more advanced
polygraph details
regarding Norco

Polygraph examiners with
very little experience try to impress you with clubs they
pay dues to be a member.

Polygraph examiners with
REAL experience tell you
exactly what POLYGRAPH experience they have.

We have more than
37 years of real
polygraph experience!
(there is no other examiner
in Norco with even 5 years
of full-time polygraph

lie detector test

Norco polygraph expert

lie detector test

A Norco polygraph
test is not the lowest
price in the state as
not many examiners
are near there, but
we offer fair prices.
If lower prices are needed,
in an adjacent county
testing is less than $150

Polygraph Norco

Polygraph in
Norco California