Polygraph in Oxnard

An Oxnard
exam can be
talked about
with no obligation
7 days a week
at 818 883-6969

Oxnard lie detector test

Oxnard lie detector
uses Yes/No questions

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An Oxnard lie detector
test compares the body
responses when answering
things we know they are
answering truthful on
("Do you live in California?")
to the client questions
("Have you cheated on
your husband?")

A polygraph test in
Oxnard California
can be about
almost any topic

Oxnard California polygraph

Don't move during
an Oxnard
Movement could
affect the score.

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No other polygraph examiner in Oxnard has more than
our thirty years of
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lie detector tests.
But if you need a lower price and can get to where the 101 meets the 405, the price near there is only $147.

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An Oxnard lie-detector
test is reading changes at the stomach, chest, left arm and right hand.

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polygraph 'secrets'
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lie detector test

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