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lie detector test

No names are required:
a lie-detector test
in Philadelphia
is confidential

To join the FBI and many
police departments,
a person must first pass
a polygraph test.
A Philadelphia polygraph
test uses the exact same
equipment and guidelines.

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A polygraph
in Philadelphia
is most often
for infidelity;
next most
common is
for a theft

lie detector testing in Philadelphia

lie detector test

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Up to four
questions can be
prepared for the
client arranging a
polygraph exam

Philadelphia PA lie detector test

Upper Darby
lie detector test

Dehydration can
affect the scoring
of a polygraph exam
in Philadelphia

during a Philadelphia polygraph you must sit still

lie detector test

lie-detector exams
follow strict
Federal parameters:
-- blood, sweat
and breathing
changes measured
-- a brief pause
between asking
each question
-- do not be

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